Getting The Right Lightroom Presets

  • Lightroom introduction
  • How to choose a preset
  • Where can I get professional grade presets

Lightroom during the past couple of years has significantly improved its number of users and has built a solid community that has shared resources to help each other out. This software is so powerful that even professional photographers use it aside from the casual and beginner photographers. Thru the help of Lightroom presets, professionals and beginners alike can share effects that they have set in Lightroom in order to achieve a certain effect. For those wondering what presets are, they are basically predetermined values of sliders in Lightroom that you can load to get a desired effect. These presets are usually of most help when you are editing a batch of photos and want to cut the time in doing it.

The thing about presets though is that they are usually made by photographers are and usually influenced by how they shoot. So naturally, if you apply it to your own photos, you might not get the desired effect since you might not share the same method of taking a photo as the creator of the preset. So, before you apply the preset to your image, make sure it does exactly what you want it to do. Try to look for sample pictures where it was applied and compare it with your photos. Do they have similar elements? If you can safely say yes, then that preset will work for you. Also, determine if the preset you are getting is made for raw images or jpegs. Believe me, there’s a lot of difference.

Lightroom presets for pros abound these days. But some of them are not usable even for other professionals. It is a matter of being observant as to how a preset affects a picture. You might start of doing a trial and error process, but sooner or later, you will get the hang of it. If you are looking for good Lightroom presets for pros that are very versatile, checkout Sleeklens. They make very good presets.

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